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At Audibel Hearing Aid Center we understand the impact that losing your hearing can have on your enjoyment of daily activities as well as relationships. Our owners Danny and Dawn Hardt are part of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will work with you or your loved one to find a personalized hearing care solution that will fit your unique lifestyle. We treat each patient uniquely by offering personalized hearing care that includes diagnostic evaluations, education and rehabilitation tools to ensure the right hearing solutions are provided, and hearing aid demonstrations. We also provide in-home evaluations for home-bound patients and financial assistance when needed. We offer the best value on advanced hearing aid technology in Beaumont and Silsbee, TX. Better Hearing is a better quality of life.

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Learn about hearing loss causes and explore treatment options.

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The biggest leap forward ever in Ear-Brain Technology™, Intrigue AI hearing aids were completely reimagined—starting with the processor inside—to help wearers hear sounds the way the brain intended and enjoy benefits beyond just better hearing.

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